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flexible Dentures

Flexible Dentures

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Partial Dentures

Our Denture Clinic supplies a range of partial denture options, replacing one or more missing natural teeth. It is supported by the remaining natural teeth and gums. It replaces lost teeth and helps preserve those which remain.

Partial dentures can be made of several types of material, such as Chrome Cobalt, Flexible unbreakable and acrylic. Choices of acrylics and metals that can be used as the denture base, which vary in strength, colour and thickness.

A partial Denture is important for the conservation of your natural teeth, wear and tear is minimised by distributing the chewing forces between your natural and artificial teeth.

The retention of a partial denture is obtained by attachment to natural teeth, using clasps.

Proper cleaning after each meal and oral hygiene is paramount. Partial Dentures are not permanently fixed in the oral cavity and therefore need to be taken out at night.

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