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Dental Hygiene

Adapting to New Dentures

It is not unusual to experience some initial discomfort after the insertion of new dentures and it is advisable to see your dental prosthetist for review within the first few days. Minor adjustments to the denture can increase comfort and eliminate problems before they become more serious.

Initially, a new denture may feel unusual in the mouth. The cheeks, lips and tongue are very sensitive areas that require time to adjust to new dentures. It is not uncommon to bite one's cheeks or tongue during this adjustment period. However, persistent irritation or soreness should be reported to your dental prosthetist.

In addition to adjusting to the feel of your new dentures, it will take some practice learning to chew with them. Begin by slowly chewing on small pieces of soft food, using both sides of your mouth simultaneously. As your comfort and confidence increase you can progress to larger pieces of soft food and then proceed to harder foods.

Speaking may also require practice. It may be difficult at first to pronounce certain words. It is recommended that new denture wearers practice by reading aloud. BPS brand precision dentures are scientifically measured and designed to your personal requirements, so you can talk, chew and smile more confidently, sooner.

It is extremely important to practice healthy dental hygiene when wearing dentures. There is an increased risk of developing a more serious medical condition should oral irritation result from poor dental hygiene. The gums, tongue and palate should be brushed with a soft bristled brush every evening before retiring and again each day before you insert the denture to stimulate the gums and remove plaque accumulation.

When removing your dentures at night, brush the dentures carefully to remove any loose debris, then soak them in a cleansing solution. When cleaning your dentures, place a towel beneath them or fill the sink with water to avoid accidental damage should you drop them.

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